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Blaze is a tall Felinian/fox hybrid with a long, wide scar over his left eye. He has ragged red fur with darker crimson markings on his ear tips, tail, and lower arms and legs. His chest, stomach, face, and tail tip are highlighted with white. Blaze's eyes are indigo.

History Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

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Chapter 6 Edit

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Chapter 7 Edit

In this section, Blaze goes to the city after being persuaded by Rainy in chapter 6.

Blaze is shocked by Rainy's trust in him to be able to do what he was just taught: walking on two legs instead of four. He stumbles in the background as Rainy and Mimi discuss Blaze's past and whether or not he should be welcomed into the city.

After Blaze falls, Rainy and Mimi help him walk the rest of the way to the gate. Blaze is surprised when Rainy tells him that they have to go through the border patrol station to go to the city. He protests, claiming that he can barely walk, but they continue toward the gate. At noticing Roy, the border patrol officer, Rainy forcefully pushes Blaze to go meet him, telling him to act natural.

The officer shows suspicion at noticing Blaze, claiming that he didn't remember him. Rainy says that he is a friend visiting from a few towns over and the group is allowed to pass, much to the relief of Blaze.

Blaze, Mimi, and Rainy walk through the gate tunnel, Mimi remarking at how Blaze was lucky that Roy was horrible at his job. Upon arriving in the city, Blaze is greeted by tall buildings and gigantic crowds of people. He remarks at how big the city is and Rainy reassures him, saying that it can be "a little daunting" at first. Rainy showcases the city's highlights while Blaze walks behind her, marveling at the wonders of the city. Blaze is surprised to learn that the two don't live in the city, actually residing in a smaller area.

While discussing how Mimi doesn't like it in the city because of sketchy business, Blaze is offered some type of drug by another Felinian. He is confused by this and Rainy drags him away, telling him to keep walking. Continuing to walk toward Rainy's commune, Blaze is bewildered that his mother could've lived how she did. Despite how Blaze feels, he knows that it must be much weirder to the others than it is to him. He is called ahead and reassured by Rainy, reminding Blaze that he hadn't fallen since they had seen Roy. Blaze says that walking does become much easier when he doesn't think about it that much, and he smiles at the prospect.

Blaze, Mimi, and Rainy cross the road to get to their commune after pointing it out to Blaze. Rainy comically remarks that, although Blaze was hospitable, it did get uncomfortable to sleep on dead grass each night. They arrive at the commune and Rainy explains how their housing works. Although Blaze seems confused, Rainy says that she will give him the full tour later. Blaze is shocked when Rainy reminds him about her other friends, hiding behind the door when Rainy and Mimi walk inside. While the group of friends have a reunion, Blaze waits outside the house.

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